The Bread/Baker

 Naturally leavened (sourdough)...

Freshly milled whole grains...

Long, slow fermentation...

Organic ingredients with a focus on local...

Hand-made with care and love. 

How it all began...

After taking a Microbiology class at UC Santa Cruz as part of my major, I learned about the symbiotic microbial world that existed in a sourdough culture. I became interested in cultivating one for myself and trying to bake bread. This interest slowly grew, with many failed first attempts. After applying myself more seriously in my time living in Santa Barbara, CA, I discovered a true passion for the craft. I had a fantastic opportunity to work in a commercial setting for a year, and learn the production side to bread baking (Oat Bakery!). 

Having grown up in Los Osos, I've always been drawn to a smaller, tight-knit community. It makes the most sense to me to give back to a community that nourished and supported my upbringing. Baking bread requires a lot more than just a baker. From the farmers to the millers to the consumers and everyone in between--these people help make good bread possible! Supporting each of these links in the chain is important to me--sourcing locally grown grain and small scale millers. All these factors culminate in the sound satisfaction of providing nutritious and delicious bread for this community.

Right now I am operating under Cottage Food Law. This means I have an inspected and certified home kitchen at my residence in Los Osos. It also means I am limited by my equipment and facilities. I intend to move into a medium commercial space so I can expand my offerings. I am envisioning a place with a take-out window, for you to be able to come get whatever I am baking that day, as well as some dry goods I will offer. Such as fresh flour! With the new space, I will get a larger commercial mill so I can continue to mill much of my flour, as well as offer some of that flour to our community. All of this would not be possible with out the past and continued support of you all. I am eternally thankful to be able to bake this real bread (and treats) for you all.


Matt Gamarra


Los Osos, CA

Permit #PT0013977

Issued by: SLO County Environmental Health Div.

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